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Peabody Bookshop & Beer Stube

The Peabody Bookshop links poetry, art, authors, beer, books, and music festivals. We attract an audience from across Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.

The Bookshop was run by Charles C. Lancaster Jr. (1931-2016). In 2022, the bookshop podcast concept was organized by Charles C. Lancaster III (b. 1976) to become a wholly owned subsidiary of Accelspace Ventures L.L.C.

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2030 Podcast Project

The Peabody Bookshop produces and publishes the Smart City 2030 podcast. Our show explores the history of Maryland real estate and follows future trends in CRE invesment and development. We specialize in real estate sales, marketing, and leasing for our clients in Maryland creative economy networks. Check out our show!!!

Community Development Podcast Show @ Peabody Bookshop

Podcasting requires more than a sharp website, a clever newsletter, and a digital media campaign. Local history and the local community provide an opportunity to cultivate an audience interested in the future of Maryland's Economic Development. Our “Maryland-Focused” podcast provides a strategic advantage in building relationships within both rural and urban networks.

Love of water, fishing, and life on the Chesapeake Bay can lay the foundation for attracting a loyal audience. Maryland has 23 counties, and 16 of these border tidal water. Today, watermen and farmers suffer high taxation, state and federal regulation, global competition, and increasing labor costs. Drugs and alcohol continue to destroy lives in rural and urban Maryland.

Real estate developers are moving into the Maryland countryside to purchase family farms and struggling shopping centers, and reposition abandoned retail clusters for a new wave of commercial investment and asset redevelopment.

The Peabody Bookshop seeks the opportunity to work with community stakeholders throughout Southern Maryland. Building out a locally focused Podcast Studio is an opportunity to move our operations from Chinatown to Southern Maryland.

Leonardtown might become a supportive community to design, build, and manage a community podcast studio that straddles the time-space divide between historical architecture and future-focused tech and innovation networks in Southern Maryland.

Our personal interest in both the past and future of Maryland might find a receptive community within the Leonardtown Arts and Saint Mary’s County Arts networks. Our long-term objective is to build a YouTube-focused podcast studio and art gallery.